PolyMicrospheres utilizes state-of-the-art facilities for the development and manufacturing of uniform polymer microspheres reactor.jpg (60623 bytes)for diagnostic assays and microparticle-based drug delivery systems for controlled release delivery. We are equipped with numerous custom-designed glass/glass-lined reactors in various sizes to produce up to 400 liters of microspheres in a single production run. The process controllers are custom designed and optimized for the precise control of polymerization and microencapsulation ( 0.2C and 1 rpm). This ensures the production of high quality microspheres with the best distribution of size, functionality, and morphology. Our analytical labs are well equipped with many particle-sizing instruments, spectrophotometers, high-resolution microscopes, and high-precision potentiometric titrators for the characterization and quality control of microspheres.

        PolyMicrospheres utilizes the latest and most innovative techniques for various polymerizations and microparticle development. We use computerized formulations and follow GMP and ISO9001 certified manufacturing practices. The quality control of uniform microspheres includes light scattering techniques, potentiometric titrations, spectroscopy, and electron microscopy. Our facilities have been approved by major pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and biotechnology companies for the development and manufacturing of polymer microspheres and microsphere-based drug delivery systems.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include: daisy2.jpg (39398 bytes)